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Today is one of those days when I felt like writing in English. These things are easier for me to put into words in English. Words feel often limited and Finnish does not always convey the message accurately enough. Its energy (consciousness) feels more limited, material or dense. This is just my experience, of course.

This text was inspired by some pictures I saw and it was published firstly on my Instagram account, @reikihoitolalumikallio.


Consciousness is our True self or essence. It is also called I AM, and it is all that there is. There is just oneness within I AM.

– This is the ultimate guru that you are looking for. It is already in place within you. Its nature is to witness silently as this play called life is unfolding.

Of course there are teachers and gurus in form of other people, and often we can get help from them, but essentially they are you, once you come to understand your True Self.

There is no separation in I AM.

Sometimes this inner guru serves you in a form of another being by showing you (in a friendly way or a less friendly way) your sense of separation from you. Actually there is nothing that is happening outside of you. You are all that there is. You are looking yourself in a mirror of another.

– So it makes sense to polish yourself, not the mirror.

So, sometimes this guru emerges seemingly outside of you, because your Inner self needs you to see where you still do not recognize yourself fully, and where you still do not love yourself (and so you cannot love others as they are) –   what you are.

It is only you looking back at you and helping you to understand that nothing is happening outside of you. You are All That There Is (I AM) witnessing Yourself.

If you are loving to someone, you are loving to yourself. If you judge someone, you are judging yourself. Now we can see, what ”do not judge so that you will not be judged” means…

Perhaps you are not always aware of this silent I AM. As long as you have not realized your inner guru, you sometimes need outer gurus and teachers.

How do you realize your True self? – Meditation is always useful.

And ask yourself, who is the ”I” that is meditating. Ask then, who is the one that is asking. This is also a good ”thing” to be meditated on.

When you lose the ”I”, e.g. your mind and all those thoughts circling the question, you have arrived there.

Be in a question. Stay in a question ”who is this ’i'” until there is no ”i” left.


”Let each man take the path according to his capacity, understanding and temperament. His true guru will meet him along that path.” – Swami Sivananda

”You understand according to you capacity.” – Ramana Maharishi

”To see wrong in another is one’s own wrong.” – Sri Ramana Maharshi

”Give kindness and love, and kindness and Love will be returned to you. You always get back what you give out.” – Paramahansa Yogananda

”Giving to others is really giving yo oneself.”

”Atman is ever present reality. Yet, because of ignorance it is not realized. On the destruction of ignorance, Atman is realized.” – Adi Shankaracharya


I would like to share three Mooji quotes, too, that might be helpful to you:

”Anything you perceive cannot be what you are.
Simply observe this internally until it becomes naturally confirmed in your mind.
You are before anything that comes in your mind because you are the one that perceives whatever comes and goes.
This understanding is timeless.
Stay as the awareness in which this is perceived.” – Mooji
”There is a silence that is totally impersonal.
It is not the fruit of anybody’s work.
Peace is there, but there is no peacekeeper.
This peace is only known
when the noise of personhood is disregarded.
Personal identity erased,
what remains is ever pure.
The ultimate is nobody’s achievement at all.” – Mooji
Mooji receives a question about how to deal with work-related stress and the feeling of getting lost in this.
”Don’t fight with the mind. Just pay attention to the space of Being. It seems radical, revolutionary even. Revolutionary simple! You stay as you are and you will see all the noise of the mind slowing down. It works every time!
Follow this simple advice and you will see that you become more established in the energy of the heart.”


Have a beautiful day!

Katrina Lumikallio

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